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I discovered my first gray hair at age 13. By age 19, I was full-fledged dyeing my hair on a regular basis. After a traumatic and stressful year at age 23, the silver strands were taking over and I was about 30% gray. At around age 35, I noticed that I had a resistant and persistent white streak above my left eye. I eventually stopped dyeing it because within days after a dye those white hairs were visible again. It took almost two years to grow out that white streak. And it was gorgeous, complete strangers would come up to me in public and tell me how fierce my hair was. I decided that it was entirely possible I was covering up even more beautiful hair. I started a board on Pinterest that was all gray hair; I found this absolutely beautiful model and photographer Yazemeenah Rossi. I befriended Yazemeenah; she came to visit me while in New Mexico. When we talked about hair, she basically said you won’t know what it looks like unless you grow it out. It took me around 20 months, which translates into one terrible haircut, a gray blending at five months that was only supposed to be on the dyed hair but the colorist went all the way to the roots, and about 600ish days of funky looking hair.

Here is a slide show of ALLLLL the selfies I took documenting my transition from red permanent dye to silver. I was not much a selfie girl before this transition but I ended up wanting to document the progress, just to keep me going. I also found being involved with a wonderful support group of instant best friends was extremely helpful. You can ask to join this lovely group on Facebook here: The Silver Circle

Enjoy the video…

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image of Joli A. Campbell ~ QuickSilverHair ~ Gray Hair BloggerRemember it is about so much more than the hair.

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