Hair-Troubles Consultation with Joli


Are you struggling with your gray hair?

Need a little help figuring out what may be causing your issues?

  • Feeling overwhelmed with product information
  • Yellowing that won’t go away
  • Heat damage
  • Dry Hair
  • Frizz
  • Silver Curl Struggles

Let’s talk. Set up a one hour appointment with me via phone. 

If you are outside the US please email for the appointment setup and invoice.

“Thank you Joli, for your time and expertise, it helped me figure out what was happening and how to take the steps to fix it.” ~T.H.

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What I can do for you!

Have you spent a fortune on a stylist’s or social media recommendations that included products like purple shampoo, conditioners, and hair tools but you’ve never found the answer?

Are you having more bad hair days than good ones?

I can help you figure out what may be contributing to your silver hair worries; offering holistic, research-based and personalized solutions you can try to help you enjoy your best silvers. I have studied curly hair and gray hair for many years and I write research based articles to help those with gray hair issues — dry hair, frizz, yellowing, mineral buildup, lack of curls, etc. I have an in-depth understanding of product ingredients, physical and environmental contributors to hair problems, and how they change or damage gray hair.

Your appointment will include:

  • A hair interview so I can potentially find the source of your issues.
    • I will request photos of your hair before our appointment.
  • Thorough products review.
    • I will look through your product ingredients to evaluate what might be a culprit so it will work best if you have your products that you regularly use in front of you.
  • Personalized hair solutions and recommendations.

Appointments are limited.

Once you purchase your appointment, I will contact you via email or phone to set up an appointment time that works for both of us. You can leave me a note at checkout to let me know your preference.

Disclaimer: In addition to my extensive hair research, product development, personal experiences, and support of 100’s of women, I have a background in nutrition, organic living, and I’m a certified Master Life Coach. I am not a trained hairstylist or a doctor; so, I will refer you to a stylist or a doctor when appropriate.



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