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My second pass with Joli’s clay. This bright on a cloudy day and less yellow

Image of Kim W after quicksilverhair clay

Kim W.

I can’t remember how I came across your site, but so glad I did. I am a full year into this journey, and probably 90% silver. My natural hair color was a very dark brown. I was nervous to put anything on my hair, but I was desperate because my hair was so dull and just blech; wasn’t loving it at all. First, thank you for recommending the Acure Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner – they worked great on their own; took the yellow right out! This weekend I was a bit more brave and tried QuickSilverHair. Wow. Just WOW! I’m back to loving my hair! It’s bright, sparkly, and oh so soft and full!! The instructions were simple to follow and the clay rinsed VERY easily. I was expecting a bit of a battle with the rinse process, but honestly, I spent about the same amount of time as I normally do. And the smell… Oh. My. Goodness. WONDERFUL! Thank you for your genius-ness for making this product 🙂  I cannot recommend and praise QSH enough.

My hair hasn’t been this soft in a year.  I’m back in love with my hair.

Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

Just thrilled,

Jeanne M.

Hi Joli,

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the QuickSilverHair Clay and Oil. I tried using it shortly after a fresh haircut and followed the directions carefully. I did take photos before and after, but since my hair is barely 25% silver right now, the difference was more subtle on me. Definitely, the white was brighter and contrasted more with my medium brown hair. My hair was very soft, and the small waves in the front were gently curled and soft as well. I will definitely be using both products as my silvers become more numerous!


Karen O.

I had long wanted to try QuickSilverHair Clay. One because it’s a completely natural product and I’d seen great results from it but also because it’s made with love and dancing.

Love and dancing were just what my hair needed to have upon it.

When I finally got the opportunity to try out the product I was blown away by the results. My hair is very fine but I have lots of it. It hadn’t been cut in three months and those months had been summer ones. Meaning my poor hair had suffered sun, sea and wind damage. I had some yellowing but mainly it was dull, dull, dull.I got some clarifying conditioner ready to mix up my clay and I was all set.

I found the clay very easy to mix up and the instructions provided were very clear. When the clay paste reached the required texture, I put it on and sat excitedly to wait. Twenty minutes with a magazine surrounded by the soothing scent of lavender from the oil in the mask then I hopped into the shower to rinse the clay off. Rinsing was easier than I had expected. I thought I’d be at it for ages but not at all. The clay just rinsed right out and as it was rinsing my hair already felt so soft.

It was very soft as I dried it too and as I was drying, I could see immediately that my silver sparkles were so bright. It was so exciting seeing them catch the light.  Once dried the difference was clear to see. I’d gone from dull to sparkling again.
I used a few drops of the oil on the ends of my hair and I was good to go. Lighter, brighter, whiter, and so soft and shiny.

The love had softened my hair and the silvers were definitely dancing again.

Since then I’ve used the oil daily. It’s a real multi-tasking product. I’ve used it to soften my heels. I’ve also put it on insect bites to take the itch away and I even used it on a sunburn I got. Amazingly it worked! It’s a fabulous oil and I’m sure it has hundreds of uses and would work well on heels, elbows, and nails just as well.

I’m so delighted with my QuickSilverHair Kit. It’s one of the best things I’ve used on my hair, and I plan to always have it on my bathroom shelf now.

collage of before and after QuickSilverHair Clay

Liz E.

I put Keracolor Clenditioner silver on my hair and the ends that are still highlighted have faded to blue/green. (I ordered a QuickSilverHair Kit after talking to Joli.) I’m so mad….that I didn’t take before and after pics! I tried the clay twice and left it on 40 minutes both times under a shower cap. And the green is gone! I’ve tried lemon juice, ACV, baking soda, dishwashing liquid and can’t remember what else and nothing worked. My daughter was looking at it in the sun today and said even my silver hair sparkles more! Thank you.

Darlene P.

Hi Joli,
I’ve used your product twice so far. I also bought the shampoo and conditioner you recommended. Love them too. I use QuickSilverHair once a month. I use the shampoo and conditioner every ten days. My hair is soft, shiny, and the curls are great. I wash my hair twice a week. When not using QuickSilverHair or the clarifying products, I use other CG approved products.
You were very helpful getting my order through since my country wasn’t on the list of countries. Thank you for that too.
Suzan T.

Before and After Collage Review Suzan T

Suzan T.

Different lighting, but before pic is indoor on vacation last week, the second is after we got back home and I did your clay treatment. Definitely whiter. I’ll wait a few days and apply it again… I’m happy with the improvement!

Before and After QuickSilverHair Beth M collage

Beth M.


Thank you! My hair and I love your products!!

Brenda D.

Thank you Joli for your research and great product!  Having white, not silver hair, it’s prone to yellowing.  QuickSilverHair Clay and Oil, mixed with Acure conditioner made my hair brighter and very soft.  I immediately got compliments today! I look forward to using QuickSilverHair again, now that I’ve found what works for my hair.

QuickSilverHair Review


Amy H.

First, I must admit I don’t have yellowing in my hair, but I do have this kinda brownish overcast from the elements. I blow dry every day and flat iron most days. Well guess what? The brown overcast is gone! These photos don’t do the results justice, my hair is sparkly, feels so soft, and silky!

Before and After QuickSilverHair MaryAnn B collage

I love this clay & oil Joli, brava sister!
You did it kid!
I can’t wait to use it on my husband!

MaryAnn B.

Hair Stylist

I used your clay on the Capt., now, I realize the two photos of his face are at different times and in different places, and the before of the close up of his hair is also before I cut it, BUT… The difference is night & day!
His hair had a heavy brownish haze from smoking cigars (it goes with his scotch) and now it’s gone!
His hair is soooooooooooo much lighter and brighter!!
Thank you for this miracle clay!
The Capt. and I both love it!!! ~MaryAnn

Before and After QuickSilverHair Micheal B Collage

The Capt.

Hi Joli, I wanted to tell you how much I like your products. I tried them this evening and could tell a difference. I straighten my hair and it tends to get a yellow cast to it and I really felt it took care of that. My hair is shiny and really soft. …. I just wanted to thank you for creating a wonderful product for us silver girls. I also love that it’s all natural. Thanks again. My hair feels great today.

QuickSilverHair Review

Janice C.

I have completed the purifying process, and I must say… it’s pretty impressive! After 40 minutes with the clay under the cap, I washed it out with Acure shampoo and conditioner, then put a little QuickSilverHair Oil on my damp hair. Being more pepper than salt, I didn’t think there was any obvious yellowing going on with me, but these pictures say otherwise. I took them in the same window, just an hour apart. Thank you, Joli! And it’s super soft, too!

Before and After QuickSilverHair Kitti L Collage

Kitti L.

I’m a physical education/Spanish teacher and manage the school pool. Consequently, for 6 months out of the year I am in the pool multiple times a week and sometimes several times a day! I’m about 5 months dye free but I am transitioning using highlights and professional toning. I closed the pool this past Sunday and was looking forward to my clarifying Malibu treatment to get all the residual chlorine out, but discovered I didn’t have any product on hand. I decided to try the QuickSilverHair Clay and Oil mask. I left it on for about 45 min under a cap and wrapped in a towel. Then shampooed with a moisturizing shampoo. I mixed about three drops of QuickSilverHair Oil with a leave in conditioner. The chlorine smell is gone, and the “stickiness” of chlorine buildup also seems to have been washed away. It didn’t mat up at all today and honestly feels as good as my hair does when I use the Malibu  clarifying products. A definite win! ~Rachel

QuickSilverHair Review

Rachel S.

Not just for grey hair!

My hair was super dry and dull from the chlorine in the pool. I tried QuickSilverHair oil a day before applying color and the results were amazing! My hair is so soft and healthy looking now! Love QuickSilverHair!

QuickSilverHair Oil Review

Sarah M.

I am new in my journey – silvers/whites showing through more and more. So excited! Used the clay and it totally took the yellow out and turned them all bright white! Was really happy! 😀 They pop out now – and have lost that yellow tinge they had. My hair turned out so soft as well! I have a bit of natural wave, fine medium brown hair, but lots of it. 🙂 Love the oil as well – smells wonderful and adds that softness to the ends when I need it. Love the products! You don’t have to be mostly silver to use it – it will take whatever whites you do have and brighten them right up! Thank you so much for creating it!! Love it! ♥

Suzanne V.

My hair is very fine and thin. It was also getting a yellow tinge to it; after one 45 min treatment with the clay mixture I washed it and conditioned it and it turned white and was fluffy with a new body. I noticed the difference in the softness too. Thank you Joli!

Image of Pamella D After QSH

Pamella D.

So the results are in: silvers are more luminous, shiny and less dull!

Before and After QuickSilverHair Jessica H Collage

Jessica H.

I just wanted to say that the QuickSilverHair Oil is awesome. It makes my hair feel so soft (and smell good)! Thanks, Joli!! ❤️💕

Rachel D.

When you find a “Holy Grail” product for your hair…you want to share it with friends…right?

Well let me tell you, on the first use, I was extremely impressed!

Whether you’re completely transitioned to full-fledged silver/gray hair or you have just begun your journey. . .this is an amazing clay that will, gently, remove any discoloration/yellowing to your hair, that can make your hair not look it’s best.

It will brighten your silver/gray hair…not lighten your hair.

Be transformed from dull & drab…to vibrant & fab!

I 100% recommend QuickSilverHair Clay to ALL who seek Shiny~Soft~Silver~Strands.

Image of Before and After Review QuickSilverHair Vicki M

Vicki M

IG @silver_n_curls

I used QuickSilverHair with the recommended shampoo and conditioner. I left it on for 40 minutes. After one use, my hair was so much brighter. It took out all of the buildup and yellowing from products and heat straightening. It was soft and shiny, and I loved the smell! I’m so glad I found QuickSilverHair! It’s a great product and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to brighten their hair, whether it’s white, silver, or salt and pepper like mine. Thank you, Joli, for sharing this with us!

Image of Before and After QuickSilverHair Shelley W

Shelley W.

This product has far surpassed my expectations. It is so easy to use, a treat for yourself and your hair, and the results are phenomenal. My hair is brighter, softer, it feels cleaner, and I wish I hadn’t waited so long to purchase this magical potion. 

As a silver sister at age 12, now 37, I want to look my best and rock this hair – thank you Joli for this gift! I have renewed joy in being a part of this silver community. 

Image of Before and After Review QuickSilverHair Nicole T

Nicole T.

Used mine for the first time a day ago. Soft to touch, big fat happy curls. Only a 5 month grow out and I’ve loads of old hair dye. So colour difference subtle, if any, but I’m happy.

Image of Vanessa with flwoers in her curly hair

Vanessa M.

Katie E.

Katie Goes Platinum

I’m certain that QuickSilverHair Oil has saved my bright shiny silvers from yellowing in the swimming pool. I’m rehabilitating from hip replacement surgery so swimming is vital for my recovery. I did my research, bought a special “waterproof” cap, and learned on the first lap there is no such thing. My hair got soaked. I asked my silver community what to do and how do I protect my precious virgin silvers!

After wetting my hair with regular water, I slather QuickSilverHair Oil and comb it through, put in top bun with my non-waterproof cap! After my swim, I immediately shower, shampoo, and condition. It’s a lot of extra work and thought for swim days to coincide with hair-washing days, BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT! I love this oil and it smells so nice. I believe, the oil is fully protecting my hair from yellowing from the chlorine and gives me a nice conditioning at the same time. Thank you, Joli.

Before and After Review Jonie P collage


Jonie P.

I got this months ago and just used it for the first time today. My hair is very white and has some yellow in it from dark low-lights; I hated them and tried to have removed. What a fantastic product! My hair is much brighter, softer and feels wonderful. I couldn’t be happier with the results from just one time. So glad I finally tried it.

Bobbi H.

And the result post QuickSilverHair Clay and Oil – I think it is really shiny and has good volume. Pretty happy and shiny hair!
Thank you Joli for sending across the world.

Image of woman with white shiny hair

Fiona L.

I used QuickSilverHair clay the night before my professional photo-shoot; it definitely brightened it up! I think it’s great! My hair is so soft! ~Amy W.

I wanted to share the photograph from her photo-shoot because Amy’s beautiful hair is glistening against the autumn colors in the trees.  ~Joli

QuickSilverHair Clay Review
Photographer: Dreaming Hollow Photography

Amy W.

Thank you, Joli, for the QuickSilverHair Clay. Used it a few days ago and could really see a difference. I have light and dark hair, but the light streaks were shiny and bright. Love this product!!! 😊❤️

Alexis N After QuickSilverHair Image

Alexis N.

I just received the QuickSilverHair oil today, used it and I am hooked!!!!! It took one time! Love everything about it, the smell, how bouncy and natural my hair feels! …I wanted to find something so natural without any synthetics of some sorts and your oil is it!

Amazing really!

Thank you Joli ❣️😘

Anna Maria after QuickSilverHair Oil Image

Anna Maria C.

Before and after Joli’s magic clay mask! Less yellow, more silver, especially in the back (where I didn’t know I still have so much dark hair). Looks good, feels great!

Before and After Katherine QuickSilverHair collage

Katherine W.

Oh! I wanted to report back on my first quicksilver experience! I’ve learned SO much about my hair, it’s been awesome! But I am only maybe 2/3 transitioned and am decidedly salt and pepper.

The Acure and the QuickSilverHair Clay made such an impact on my hair! It’s downright silky, cleaner, and brighter all around. The interesting thing is that while it made my silver stripes brighter, my dark brown became bolder. Making it all look so much cleaner. I realized everything looked dull. Maybe the well water, maybe more. I’m Latina and always tried to keep my hair at that level that I called Latina brown (nearly black) and now it’s more obvious than any sad box dye ever was. I love QuickSilverHair products so much.

QuickSilverHair Review

Vera R.

Hi Joli,
Just used your clay and oil. I am not sure if I see a major difference, but my hair seems to be more bright, or fresh, if that makes any sense. I used Kevin Murphy maxi wash as clarifying shampoo and one of the conditioners. I absolutely love how soft my hair is, not coarse, just really soft. It still has volume, but not in that poufy way. I am really happy!
…Will continue to use it regularly!
Thank you very much!
Amanda QuickSilverHair Review

Amanda V.

Okay…here is my hair before and after using the QuickSilverHair Clay. To be fair, my hair was in need of a wash in my before pic (oily mess from working out the day before) but I think my hair looks brighter on the after… All in all, I’m pleased with the results.

Collage of Before and After QuickSilverHair Jen G

Jen G.

Thought I’d share my review too! I “Quicksilvered” my hair last week…I wish I would’ve taken before and after pics, but this is the after. I left it on about 45 mins, washed it out, conditioned, and when I took the towel off my head I could tell straight away how much brighter it was…my front bits were super white! Gave it a drying…and oooooooo was it ever soft! Definitely gave my hair a pick up after camping with the kids all weekend! Highly, highly recommend QuickSilverHair! Thank you Joli Campbell for your magically wonderful products…our resident hair magician!

The oil is awesome …I use it mostly on my dry hair…it really soaks it up and makes it shine! And I use it on me skin too…smells so good!! It really made a difference in my hair!

QuickSilverHair Review

Melissa L.

Hi Joli,

I tried the new formula for mixing today. Much easier application after shampooing. Used Acure shampoo & conditioner. Left on 1/2 hr. Rinsed. And rinsed, etc. You were right takes time to rinse off. But afterwards results are amazing! The yellowness is gone. My hair is shiny white & so soft! I keep running my fingers through to feel how soft it is. Also feels a bit thicker. Thanks!

Mary M.

I did my Mom’s hair this morning, the before and after are about an hour apart. She still has a little yellowing on the sides in front but definitely brighter. She thought it felt thicker and it was softer. Her hair was coal black when she was younger and much thicker. She thinks I was closer in the right picture but the flash was off so all natural light.

Before and After QuickSilverHair Agatha Collage

Agatha L.

My dear friend Blythe wanted to try the clay on her very curly hair, she has about three silver hairs and they are untouched.  She noticed more bounce and that is was brighter and lighter. ~Joli

Not just for the silver hair! It looks amazing!! Everyone with every color should use this product!! ~Blythe

Before and After QuickSilverHair Blythe G collage

Blythe G.

“I’ve used Joli’s QuickSilverHair clay, twice. It’s brightened my silvers & the faded dyed hair seems less brassy. …I love what it’s done for my hair! Thank you for creating such a fantastic hair product! 😘
Tina R.

Just wanted to thank Joli for the QuickSilverHair Oil… I put the oil on for 2 nights & bunned it. So happy with the shine & softness!

Julia S.

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