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QuickSilverHair FAQ

How often can I use QuickSilverHair Clay?

You can safely use the mask up to twice a week for stubborn discolorations. How often you use it is up to you, but I advise at least once every 15-30 days for maintaining your brightest and shiniest gray hair.

Will QuickSilverHair Clay remove dye?

No. The QuickSilverHair Clay will not remove color. It is an all-natural clay with no bleaching agents. It is designed to detoxify and clarify any color hair. However, I specifically designed it for use on silver hair to help remove the impurities that cause discoloration from product build up to minerals and oils on our natural hair. You can start using it now if you choose, but it won’t change the dyed color much if at all unless you are using temporary dyes.

Is QuickSilverHair a Dye?

No, it is all natural clay. No dyeing or bleaching agents in the ingredients.

Does it only work on silver hair?

No. QuickSilverHair can be used on any color hair. It may fade less permanent color though just by removing the buildup on your hair. It is 100% safe to use on any natural color.

Will QuickSilverHair Clay speed up my transition to grey hair?

No, unfortunately, it will not fast-track your transition. It is a detoxifying and clarifying mask.

I use the Curly Girl Method, are QuickSilverHair products CG safe?

Yes, there are no parabens, sulfates or –cones. It is 100% natural and I use as many organic ingredients as I can source.

Can I use QuickSilverHair products instead of clarifying shampoo?

You will want to use as part of your clarifying process. I recommend getting Acure Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner* in combo with my products.

*affiliate link to Read my Terms and Conditions Page to learn more.

Do I use heat with the Clay?

DO NOT USE HEAT WITH THE MASK ON! Do not heat the mask with a dryer or heat wrap of any kind. It is clay it can dry and harden with heat.

How long does it last and how many applications does one get from one container?

There are four ounces per bag, two tablespoons is the starting amount for your mix, that is around 1/2 an ounce of clay. For mid length hair this will make for around 8 applications, adjusting for shorter hair it will last longer, and for longer/thicker hair you will use more.

Do you have free samples of QuickSilverHair products?

No, I do not make samples sizes, at this time. It is too cost prohibitive to make and ship samples for free.

Are the containers recyclable?

The plastic bottle, pump, and cap are recyclable. The Mylar bag can be recycled in certain locals, usually at bins in grocery stores or Target.

Are QuickSilverHair products cruelty free?


Where do you ship?

I currently ship only to the USA.

Read full details about shipping here.

Can I return QuickSilverHair products?

Please see the Shipping & Returns page for full details.

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