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Naturally Brighten & Soften Your Silver, Gray or White Hair.

Many women and men who go naturally gray or silver find themselves with dingy, dull, and sometimes yellowing hair. For many of us, using purple shampoo is just putting another chemical, which you’ve left behind, on your hair. It doesn’t actually take care of the issue either; it just covers it up. This made me wonder if we were approaching the problem from the wrong direction.

  • “What if there was a way to remove the buildup and impurities without chemicals!”
  • “What if instead of covering it up with the opposite color we removed the dingy, dull, or yellowing color on our hair!”

That’s how QuickSilverHair Clay was born. We also struggle with our untouched hair being dry and frizzy, so I created QuickSilverHair Oil to soften and moisturize your natural hair. Hello Beautiful!


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Woman Owned
Organic Natural Ingredients
Cruelty Free
Curly Girl Friendly
Recylce Reduce Repurpose
Handmade with Love

Private Hair Troubles Consultation with Joli

Do you need help with your gray hair?
I am now offering one-on-one appointments to help you resolve issues with your gray hair.

“Thank you Joli, for your time and expertise, it helped me figure out what was happening and how to take the steps to fix it.”


Check Out Before & After Photos

Before and after Joli’s magic clay mask! Less yellow, more silver, especially in the back…Looks good, feels great!

Katherine W.

QuickSilver Hair Blog

Get tips, information, and questions answered about all things silver hair.

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