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About QuickSilverHair

Joli Campbell

Hi, I’m Joli Campbell, I am a 40-something silver sister, I often joke about, “Remember, I’m not only the QuickSilverHair Creator, but I’m also a client.” While it was not The Hair Club for Men that drove me to create QuickSilverHair, it was our wonderful community of silver sisters the Silver Circle that inspired me. I saw and felt a need. We needed something for one of our most common issues with gray hair. YELLOWING!

While I was transitioning from dyed hair to my natural silver hair, purple shampoo seemed to be THE solution to dingy or yellowing grays. However, for me and many others, purple shampoo created a few problems; it made me itch, it dried out my curls, and I felt like after I shampooed, conditioned and added my curly styling products—the purple had been rinsed away. And many of my silver sisters noticed that when it didn’t wash away, the purple shampoo built up over time and turned their hair lavender, blue or even green.

I am naturally a solution oriented person, and I enjoy doing research and finding answers. My professional background includes product development, labeling, website design, writing and research as a professional coach, nutritional consultant, organic living, and living with food and other allergies. As a lifelong apprentice to my mom, who is a natural healer, herbologist, and product formulator, I started looking for an answer to naturally help us remove that yellowing. I knew there had to be a different way than violet dye to deal with this issue.

First, I investigated purple shampoo:

  1. Purple shampoo, is designed to COVER yellowing, it doesn’t remove.
  2. Purple shampoo, is toner, it is made with violet dye usually from petroleum sources. Yikes.
  3. Purple shampoo, is considered an irritant to the scalp and can cause allergies, itching, and dry skin.

You can read my full discoveries and research of purple shampoo here: What is Purple Shampoo?

What were our other options?

  1. Clarifying shampoo: which had limited abilities at combating build-up without drying out hair.
  2. Salon toners for gray hair: which led us straight back to the stylists chair and our heads covered in dye again.
  3. Home remedies: Some very mixed results using one or more ingredients of lemon, baking soda, vinegar, peroxide, and even dish soap.

This, next, led me to ask two questions:

  1. Why are we covering our hair with dye after we have ditched the dye?
  2. Instead, why aren’t we removing the dingy or yellowy discoloration on our natural silver hair?

After many years, working in my mother’s herb lab as head guinea pig and helping her create and manufacture products. I hit my lab, aka my kitchen; I pulled out my essential oils, charcoal, coconut oil, shea butter, teas, and clays.

I did some preliminary research and found in the curly community it is a common practice to cleanse away all our curl products, on clarification day, with various clays.

About QuickSilverHair Clay Mask

That’s my first before and after.

I found Kaolin clay, which is excellent for hair while it detoxes and adsorbs impurities from the hair, it doesn’t strip the hair. Kaolin clay is the real deal: clarifying, softening, adding volume, and really shining up those silvers. I made many mixes and tried several recipes on my own hair. In the spring of 2017, after months of research and trial and error, I finally found a winner and QuickSilverHair Clay was born.

One problem remained; I needed oil to activate the clay. I needed oil to return hydration to the hair. DRY HAIR YELLOWS…did you know that?

I revived an old recipe for hair oil that I had made some 20 years ago for my dry curls. I tweaked it a little with some more skin and hair healthy oils and the original QuickSilverHair Oil blend was born.

I truly hope you love it, and I hope I have brought you something that improves your life.

As always it is about so much more than the hair.





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