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About QuickSilverHair & Joli CampbellAbout QuickSilverHair

QuickSilverHair was born just like most things, of necessity.  If you have grey hair, white hair, silver hair or the mix of gray hair that many have; you know what it means to see that brassiness, the dreaded yellowing, or just where silver loses its shine and becomes dull and dingy looking. While clarifying shampoos help tremendously with shiny silver hair, they can only do so much. If you have totally white hair, salon toners can help; but for many of us that is still considered dyeing and defies the point of going au naturel. Then there is that wonderful purple shampoo, which also contains chemicals. Basically, you either use it so much your hair turns purple (okay for some), or you use it occasionally and you just wash the purple out. If you are a curly girl, there are no violet shampoos for curls, or at least, not one I could find.

So what’s a silver sister or bro to do?

It got me thinking, what if instead of trying to cover the discoloration we tried to cleanse the hair with something natural and gentle.

My mother has been a naturopath, herbologist, and a distinguished formulator of products for most of my life. In the time I lived with her, she used me often as her guinea pig for her experiments and formulations. I will tell you I have tasted some truly awful things. Since I grew up with an herb lab in my home, I was always tinkering with my own ideas. I apprenticed with her for most of my teens and twenties. In that time, I learned how to make natural remedies from herbs to tinctures to special blends of skin oils. The knowledge I gained while working for my mom, had me toiling away in my mind and trying things on my own hair to combat the dingy and dull gray.

Frustration abounds with products for me. I tend to be very sensitive to everything, from drugs, foods, to hair and skin products. This makes me very careful about what I put on my skin and in my body. That was one of my many reasons for ditching the dye. As a curl product junky, I follow a bit of Curly Girls on YouTube, where I discovered Kaolin clay. Kaolin is very popular with curly girls because it detoxes and absorbs impurities without stripping your hair. What perked my curiosity, in my training, clays are wonderful at absorbing, so I wanted to see if these detoxifying masks would deyellow the hair. As I researched the available products with Kaolin in them, I found them to be loaded with chemicals especially alcohols…drat! Of course, my little apprentice brain went to work.

About QuickSilverHair Clay

QuickSilverHair Clay was born. I tried many different blends of clay and essential oils to bring out the shine. I hope you love it. It may not completely deyellow your hair, as it will depend on why your hair is yellowing.  It will definitely leave your hair deeply cleansed, very shiny and add volume.

About QuickSilverHair Clay Mask

That’s my first before and after.


About QuickSilverHair Oil

The QuickSilverHair Oil comes from those days working with my mom. I have curly hair and at that time, there were no curly girl products, or at least, not any for my kind of curl. I used to make this blend or close to it for my own hot oil hair treatments.  I know many of us with no dye have found our textures to change immensely, we get dryer, some of us have super silky fine hair, and others have course and wiry grays. The rule of thumb with curly girl is moisture is usually the answer, just has to be the right kind of moisture.

Two answers to combating dingy or dull hair: deep cleansing mask and moisture that mimics the human oil production on skin and hair.  Check out the products here.

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