Introducing the QuickSilverHair eBooks

In the 7 years since I ditched the dye, I have learned so much, and I enjoy sharing it with you, but it can be overwhelming navigating all that content across my website.

I am so excited to share these eBooks with you. They combine what is in my mind and my blog into a more ordered and comprehensive reading and learning experience.

I thought about how and what I would convey to you in totality on each of these subjects and this is the first 4 of 5 eBooks. Maybe more…



eBook 1: Keep Your Silvers Bright


This short 25 page eBook is my core information about why gray hair turns yellow and what to do about it. I wanted you to have it anywhere anytime. This easy-to-understand material will show you how to take better care of your natural gray hair and celebrate your true colors.

This essential gray hair eBook covers:

  • The causes of yellowing
  • How to naturally brighten silver hair
  • Hair products for gray hair
  • Protection from sun, heat, water and air pollution


eBook 2: How To Protect Your Silver

One of the major challenges of having silver hair is keeping it from yellowing, especially permanent yellowing. This eBook builds upon all the yellowing info of Book 1 (which is included), and expands on protecting your hair from permanent damage caused by heat and sun. It includes types of damage, what it looks like, how to prevent it, and how to fix it if it happens.

Topics include:

  • Why silver hair turns yellow
  • Unique characteristics of gray hair
  • How to prevent and treat sun damage
  • How to prevent and treat heat damage
  • My recommendations for heat tools


eBook3: Guidebook to the Fundamentals of Hair

All my ultimate guides on the science-ee side of hair and how to determine your Hair’s Personality. A collection of guides on Hair Type, Porosity, pH of Hair & Hair Products, and everything you need to know about Hair Growth & Hair Loss. You will be able to understand what all these commonly used hair terms are and what your hair needs because of it.

Learn the fundamentals of hair, including:

  • Hair type
  • Scalp conditions
  • Hair damage issues
  • Porosity and guides for each type
  • pH of hair and hair products
  • Safety of home remedies
  • Hair growth and loss


eBook 4: Healthy Haircare Inside and Out

139 pages of everything you need to know to care for your gray hair, naturally, inside and out, simple lifestyle changes and updating your haircare routine. An ultimate guidebook to looking after your gray hair, keeping it healthy and avoiding damage. If you want the best-looking hair possible and avoid the stigma of dull, lifeless grays, this book helps you achieve the best out of your silver hair.

This definitive guide to natural haircare covers:

  • Choosing washday shampoo and conditioner
  • Drying and styling your hair
  • Caring for your hair while you sleep
  • When and how to clarify and deep condition
  • Preventing and treating yellowing (Keep Your Silvers Bright core eBook included)
  • Purple shampoo and when to use it
  • Optimizing hair growth
  • Nutritional support for the healthiest hair
  • Managing seasonal haircare changes including dew point info
  • What to use and what to avoid in product ingredients

My mission has always been to help YOU attain Naturally Beautiful Silver Hair. My wish is that these eBooks help you achieve it.

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As always it is about so much more than the hair.

signature: Shine On, Joli Campbell



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