How to Protect Your Silver Hair


Prevent Permanent Damage Before it Starts

One of the major challenges of having silver hair is keeping it from yellowing.

This informative eBook teaches you how and why yellowing occurs and how to prevent it. Minimize your chances of causing permanent damage to your hair now, before it starts. If you have damage already, this eBook explains the most effective treatment options.

Topics Include:

  • why silver hair turns yellow
  • gray hair unique characteristics
  • how to prevent and treat sun damage
  • how to prevent and treat heat damage

Total Pages: 59

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How to Protect Your Silver Hair:

Includes my most recommended products and how to use them.

This book includes the core material on yellowing Keep Your Silvers Bright & Free From Yellowing

This eBook combines my research and the material I’ve gathered over the past 5 years and presents it in a comprehensive, easy to follow guide to the fundamentals of hair.

When you download this updated PDF, you’ll be able to read it offline, quickly search for topics you want to know more about, and print out your own copy.

You have two download attempts available should you have issues please contact us via the contact form or email. Your download expires in 60 days, so make sure you save it, but let us know if you need to reload.

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