Liz Eremenko is back with some tips and tricks to a winter style that doesn’t fall flat as snow. I’ve loved some of the styles she has put together for this winter. Liz always has fun with clothing and is not afraid to try styles that make her feel and look great. We all need a little bit of fancy in our lives.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy, and that you find inspiration as well.

“Take it away, Liz…”


Layering for Winter, Colors & Patterns, Silver Hair Fashion, & Covid Style

Buy the Best Coat and Boots You Can Afford:


Winter may not feel like the easiest season to dress for but here are some great ways to find comfort, warmth, and style.

The old saying of buy the best coat and boots you can afford definitely rings true and should be your starting point. Dressing warm means many people will only ever see your coat and boots. However, the rest of the outfit hidden underneath doesn’t have to go unnoticed.


Image of liz in heart print skirt with fleece and boots

In summer, we have many lovely bright colours to wear but winter clothes often tend to be plainer and darker like the season itself. We can counteract that by wearing a bright or patterned sweater. That’s fine, it works but winter is a long time for some of us and sometimes it’s nice to switch things up by putting pattern below the coat hem in the zone that is seen while out and about.

Patterns on pants and skirts:


Plaid checks are an established winter classic in tops, but can be just as useful in trousers. A check trouser just lifts the whole outfit to another level by giving you a different focal point. Pattern is good for all shapes and sizes when worn in the right zone for your body type, you can accentuate what you want to and redirect the eye from areas you want less attention. A monotone outfit gives you a sharp clear edge while wearing a pattern diffuses your outline.

I love a check trouser. They are very simple to dress up or down and they go with most every solid top you own. They can be worn with sneakers for a chic laid back style or jazzed up with boots. A navy sweater is a classic, very simple, add pattern to the pants or skirt and you elevate that navy sweater to super stylish.

LIz in check trousers and black leather vest
Image of Liz in navy sweater with blue check trousers
Image of LIz in red and black tartan trousers with black sweater

Provided you choose your pattern in a colour way that fits in with the rest of your wardrobe the possibilities are endless. Those grey and yellow check trousers I wear with so many things as they go with so many colours. I wear them with red boots and plain white sneakers too. The pattern skirt is a bit of fun too and again has multiple options.

We all have plain sweaters in our wardrobes and teaming them with a multicoloured pant or skirt can certainly alleviate that all over block colour effect that can become so stale half way through the winter. Checks are my personal favourite but the same applies to dots or stripes or any pattern you prefer.

Image of liz in cal sweatshirt with blue check trousers
Image of Liz in a Heart skirt with pop of yellow
Image of Liz wearing black sweater and black and white skirt.

Turning Summer Dresses into Winter Essentials:


While dresses are a summer staple, you don’t have to put them all away for winter. It is possible to winterize your summer dresses for use in cold weather.

Obviously, you’d choose a dress in a heavier fabric than say linen or fine light cotton but once you’ve done that, it’s easy. Fine thin jersey T-shirts and polo necks are perfect for wearing underneath your dresses and you can have lots of fun either matching or contrasting your colours.

Then there’s the option of putting a heavier sweater, knit tunic, or another dress over them. This works really well if you belt the top layer.

Image of Liz in a chambray Dress

Adding Jeans, Leggings or Tights under a Dress:


Wear a short dress over jeans and leggings. Choose jeans that have either no buttons or zips so you don’t spoil the waistline, jeggings are perfect for this.

Then we get to tights, which these days come in all the colours of the rainbow. Adding a coloured pair instead of just plain black can really elevate your winter look. Wear with your sneakers and you achieve a full high low effect.

Image of Liz in Black sweater dress over jeans
Image of liz in denim layers
Image of Liz in Blue Dress

Shoes and Boots for Winter Looks:


Of course, ankle boots in contrasting colours will bring a funky edge and slim plain knee high boots will bring elegance to any dress. You can still add the coloured tights for a pop of just visible colour between the hem and the top of the boots.

We all need our clothes to work hard year round so finding inventive ways to wear things is fun. One of my favourite looks is a floaty dress under a sweater dress with jeans and ankle boots. It’s cozy and can be colourful yet you’ll stay toasty.

Hiking boots too can look very cool with a floaty dress and will still be practical for getting around in wet or snowy conditions. The only time I’d actually wear shoes with a winter dress is for a formal occasion because boots are just way more fun and you can keep your toes warm too.

Image of liz in Black dress

Covid Style:


I’ll admit it has been challenging lately deciding what clothes to wear while in lockdown. As tempting as it is to live in loungewear that’s not always the best thing for your mental health. Sometimes the urge to wear your real clothes should be followed as it brings such a boost.

I’m also finding being cooped up at home has given me the chance to try other looks that my usual busy life doesn’t normally allow. I’ve had lots of time to scrutinize my wardrobe. Yes, I’ve purged it too but after that, I started to look at different ways of wearing what I have. I have time to try on and some days have put things together and worn them around the house for a few hours to see how I felt in them. I’ve put colours together experimentally to see how they made me feel.
I’ve had days where I have really felt the need to dress up, even if it is just for TV and it made me feel better. I’ve been experimenting in a way I never have before. I’ve mixed high and low end items together for fun and loved it.

LIz in leather jeans and sweatshirt
LImage of LIz in a yellow sweater
Image of Liz in leaopard print sweater and red boots

A sweatshirt looks great with leather jeans and equally a blouse that you usually wear with a smart outfit can look fabulous with joggers. I find that kind of dressing down high end things fun and can look very funky. Wear your summer dress with sneakers and tights and equally put a band tee with sequins it’s fun and lifts your spirits.

Colour too plays a part. Colour always has the ability to brighten your day. Bright pops of colour are the best thing for dull winter days. I’ve been wearing yellow a lot, which technically can be hard to pull off with silver hair but it’s all about finding your shade as it is with most colours. For me a stronger shade of any colour works better than a soft one, and the brighter and clearer the colour the better, as they have more impact. Jewel tones of any kind I find the easiest but I’m olive skinned and pastels have never been right on me.

I encourage you to take this ample time at home to really investigate your wardrobe. Take things out and try them on, who doesn’t love a dressing up day! Switch things up combine things you think would never go. You might be surprised at your results.

Image of Liz EremenkoLiz Eremenko is in her mid 50’s, rocking silver hair and style that defines rather than defies. She was a window dresser and a personal shopper for over 22 years in a high end department store. She is that woman who reads those glossy magazines and takes an avid interest in who wore what. She now helps run a lovely little thrift shop in Newark, England. You can follow her on Instagram @libslifedaily


Author Joli Campbell with long silver wavy-curly hair.


I hope you found this post educational and helpful.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share.

As always it is about so much more than the hair.

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