My favorite slower fashion, high quality, and sustainable brands.

Brands I Currently Buy, My Personal Sustainability Score, and Why I Buy.

After navigating through sustainable fashion mishaps with less than ethical companies, I decided to share a shopping guide with you of brands I love that offer quality goods. These are brands I personally love, clothing that is affordable, and garments that have the potential to last a really long time, if not a lifetime.

Slower fashion isn’t just about the most sustainable brand, it can be about finding clothes you love, and you never want to part with. The goal for me is to keep my favorites for as long as possible even if the company has a limited disclosure about being sustainable.

I do hunt for organic fibers, ethical brands, and I am always willing to support small businesses and businesses that give back as much as they are able.

Disclosure: While there are affiliate links on this page, some are not, I just want to share solid slower brands with you.
As an Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you. Read my Terms and Conditions Page to learn more.

Click any brand name and the link will take you to the appropriate site for purchase.
Be sure to watch for my coupon codes if available for certain brands.

I will update this page regularly as I find new brands or partner as an affiliate and have possible discounts to offer you.
LAST UPDATED 4.19.2024

5 Stars • Aventura

You’ll notice in many of my videos I wear embroidered cotton tops, this is where most of them are from.

Sizes seem a little small to me so I order up a size for a little wiggle room and length.

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5 Stars • Birkenstock

  • Excellent fit and support for my feet.
  • Forever shoes, they really last a long time.
  • I admire this company for their values, cracking down on counterfeiting factors (also fast fashion) and their business model. Learn more in this video.
  • Responsibility is somewhat vague, but given the time they have been around and the brand makes forever goods, still a favorite in my book.

5 Stars • Boody

  • Favorite underwear, nice tees, wireless bras, and socks.
  • Fabric quality is outstanding.
  • Excellent durability and longevity.
  • Donates 1% of every sale directly to certified environmental organizations.
  • Fabric Organically Grown Bamboo Viscose

5 Stars • Carve Designs

  • Comfortable and affordable organic cotton jeans.
  • Swimwear made with recycled polyester.
  • Shorts in a variety of lengths, colors, and organic cotton.
  • Sizing is generous and comfy.
  • I’ve had two pairs of the Carson Jeans for a year now and they have more years in them. Love that.
  • A company built on sustainability and protecting Mother Earth.


4 Stars • Duluth Trading

  • The BEST cotton leggings with pockets EVER!!!
  • The BEST cotton Shelf Bra tanks!!
  • Every QSH pallet gets processed in their denim overalls…perfect fit, stretch, and they work as hard as I do.
  • Sizing is generous and comfy.
  • They make forever clothes…so they have to be on my list.
  • Minus one star because customer service has taken a dive lately.
  • They are focused on sustainability by making forever clothes, doing away with the throw-away mentality, and using recycled and recyclable shipping materials.


5 Stars • Fair Indigo

  • Best ethically made cotton tees.
  • Fabric quality is outstanding.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Organically Grown Cottons
  • The Fair Indigo Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve educational opportunities for children in the Peruvian communities.

5 Stars •  J.Jill

  • I can resell most items because of the brand.
  • Organic cotton & Pima cotton.
  • Dressier work related clothing.
  • Fabric quality is great.
  • Excellent durability and longevity.
  • Social Responsibility
  • Over the past 20 years, J.Jill has donated over $23 million to more than 100 organizations that help women move forward through their Compassion Fund.

5 Stars • L.L. Bean

5 Stars • Latico Leather

  • Ethically produced
  • Affordable leather bags
  • Amazing choices in styles, sizes, and colors
  • Durable
  • Real hardware that doesn’t break
  • Get on their email list their sales are great!
  • Uses sustainable leather locally sourced from farms that produce fewer emissions and provide their animals with better living conditions.


5 Stars • Life Is Good

  • Fun graphics and a variety of colors.
  • Fabric quality is outstanding.
  • Excellent durability.
  • Gives 10% back with each purchase to children healing from trauma.

4 Stars • Mod-O-Doc

  • Cotton clothing that lasts.
  • Sizing is generous and comfy.
  • They make forever clothes…I have pieces from them that I bought a decade ago.
  • There is not a sustainability report on their site but they have been around for a long time.

5 Stars • OuterKnown

5 Stars • TenTree


5 Stars • Curlfriend Collective

  • Beautiful Silk Scrunchies
  • Variety of other silk hair accessories
  • Gray hair matched scrunchies
  • GET 10% off with code QUICKSILVER10


5 Stars • BizzyBCrafts

  • Handmade variety of headbands to fit anyone
  • Hair accessories
  • Super soft fabrics
  • Beautiful patterns and colors


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