My husband, Harry, took over on this post. He tried a QuickSilver Hair and Scalp Detox Mask, and he wanted to share a male perspective on the process of being QuickSilvered. A couple of things you may not know about the mask before we get started:

  1. Men can use it.
  2. It can be used on any hair color not just on gray hair.
  3. If you need deep cleansing of your hair and scalp the mask does a great job.

So without further ado, Harry will take it from here:

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Harry’s QuickSilver Hair and Scalp Detox:

This weekend I entered the QuickSilvered community, finally. After noticing some extreme flaking and red patches on my scalp, Joli was able to convince me to see if applying the QuickSilverHair Clay would clarify and nourish my hair and maybe help with the skin issue. So, we experimented with a new QuickSilverHair Mask Recipe (designed for dried scalp). For the results and recipe, keep reading; but first here is the rest of the story.

All of my life, I have suffered from severe dry skin on my scalp (a dermatologist once diagnosed it as psoriasis). It didn’t help, at all, that I moved to the high desert of New Mexico.

Over the years, I have tried many different shampoos and so called treatments. The results, it will solve the problem for a little while; and then my hair and scalp seems to adapt. Trust me; we have tried almost everything!

To make things worse, lately, I have been traveling all over the world for business. You can imagine what going from humid to dry climate, hard to soft water, running out of your shampoo and having to use hotel provided solutions has done to my hair and scalp. RIGHT, it has taken a toll.

This week after finally being home for two weeks, Joli had an awesome idea. Let’s see if we can create a modified mask to nourish my hair and scalp.

QuickSilver Hair and Scalp Detox image of Harry afterMy Hair Type

I have red hair, when grown out is thick and slightly curly. My only silver is a very small patch in my side burns; Joli calls them, my “four strands.”

QuickSilvering Harry

My experience was fun and interesting. I have helped Joli manufacture and ship QuickSilverHair products for the last two years; but I had not actually experienced the clay mask until now. Thank goodness, I have short hair; it was quick going on, after I learned the tricks from Joli. Let’s just say plastering something on my head did not come naturally, and yes…I made a mess.

Then came the sitting around and waiting (30 minutes), I was not patient, and having this strange substance on my head did not help…lol.

Lesson Learned #1:

I chose not to wear a shower cap. Even guys should wear a hair cap to keep the clay from drying out and making a mess as you walk around the house. Yeah, it’s sexy as hell; but do it anyway.

Lesson Learned #2:

Get in the shower and wash it out yourself. I asked Joli to rinse it out as I had already taken a full shower to clarify my hair before applying the mask. Leaning over a tub and having Joli rinse it out, got most of it out but not all. Which made it tough to see if it worked for dandruff, we could not tell if it was dry skin or clay…lol. Guys or gals, just get in the shower and rinse thoroughly.

Harry’s QuickSilver Hair and Scalp Detox Results:

It was a success at detoxing my hair and scalp. After drying my hair it was so much softer and shinier, I swear even my “four strands” looked shiner…at least I thought so! The next day, I went to get my haircut and even the stylist commented on how soft my hair was. Which prompted a conversation about QuickSilverHair, but that’s a different story.

Was QuickSilverHair good for more than just silver hair? YES! Even a guy, will notice the difference on his head.

As for a solution for dry scalp, the results were not immediate but my scalp felt better, so I will keep trying the mask. The next day, while it was much better, Joli still noticed red patches, which indicates the scalp is still dry and irritated. However, it did cleanse the scalp hopefully to allow my conditioner and QuickSilverHair Oil to step in and manage the dryness and flaking.


QuickSilverHair Oil for Men

The biggest difference in managing my scalp and improving my hair is QuickSilverHair Oil. I used it during my last two-week business trip to Hawaii and South Korea; and it really helped moisturize my scalp, and even a patchy area in my eyebrows.

My oil process: Wash my hair, then rinsing with cold water (to help close the pores), after towel drying my hair, I massage about six pumps total into my hair and scalp.


I think when I get back from my next trip; I will ask Joli about trying a hot oil treatment with QuickSilverHair Oil. We will keep you posted on QuickSilverHair pages on Instagram and Facebook.

Thanks for sticking around and hearing my story.


QuickSilver Hair and Scalp Detox Mask Recipe:

2 tablespoons QuickSilverHair Clay

1 tablespoon of warm water

1 teaspoon of epsom salt (magnesium sulfate salts)

1 tablespoon of Acure Curiously Clarifying Conditioner

10 Pumps of QuickSilverHair Oil

Mix as follows:

Melt the epsom salt in the warm water, and then add remaining ingredients. Stir together, this looked a little bit more like thick Greek yogurt when thoroughly combined, rather than the frosting of the standard QuickSilverHair mask.

Apply to clarified hair, (Harry used Acure Curiously Clarifying Shampoo). Gently massage into the scalp, do not vigorously rub your scalp just smooth it on covering your entire head and hair. Put on a shower cap and wait 30-40 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Wash or condition again if you feel it is needed.

I used your clay on the Capt., now, I realize the two photos of his face are at different times and in different places, and the before of the close up of his hair is also before I cut it, BUT… The difference is night & day!
His hair had a heavy brownish haze from smoking cigars (it goes with his scotch) and now it’s gone!
His hair is soooooooooooo much lighter and brighter!!
Thank you for this miracle clay!
The Capt. and I both love it!!! ~MaryAnn

Before and After QuickSilverHair Micheal B Collage

The Capt.

Joli – just wanted to tell you that I mixed up some QuickSilverHair Clay for my 18 year old son last night and he LOVED it.

He has SUCH curly hair that he has a lot of problems with product build-up. It finally occurred to me to have him try it and I’m so glad I did!!

Katie E.

Image of Joli Campbell author photoI hope you found this post educational and helpful.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share.

As always it is about so much more than the hair.

signature: Shine On, Joli Campbell





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