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Why product is out of stock…


Dear Silver Friends and Family,

You may be seeing product out of stock on my website. Let me explain.

In the last three years, with a few exceptions I have woken up every morning instantly thinking about you and QuickSilverHair, and most of those days I spent working on the business at every level. The only times, I can think of, that QSH wasn’t my first thought were the days my mom was in the hospital with a severely broken leg, and the days following my little Nina dog passing away. I gave this my all from the moment I stood in my kitchen, turned to my husband and said, “Babe, I’ve got an idea.”

My husband has stood by me through this entire adventure. He has pushed me forward when I wanted to quit, he has held me up when I thought it was over, he has filled cans and bottles with me at most every manufacturing day, he has cheered me on, encouraged me, counseled me, and above all supported whatever decision I’ve made for the business.

For three years, I poured all my love, experience, and talents into every container. I built the site, the brand, and ran the social media. I wrote and published all the blog posts. My hands touched everything in the process, from designing labels, to containers, to ordering, mixing, and filling products, labeling, and wrapping and shipping. I am the voice on the end of every customer service email or phone call. As you can imagine, the list goes on. Running your own business, especially when a product is involved is endless work. It is hard work, and every single time you sent me a message that said, “I love this product, I will never run out, and you saved my hair,” I am grateful and spurred on. I kept going. I could see my business keep growing. It is a success; while also helping you.

In February of 2020, I found myself manufacturing a batch of clay and oil alone as my husband was overseas for his job. I woke up one morning after and I couldn’t move my right arm. I couldn’t even pick up my cup of coffee, if you know me, at all, that’s really bad. Two months later, in full swing of Covid, I was still in tremendous pain. Much to my surprise, your orders were still pouring in and I was working double time, with an injury. Turns out, I had radial nerve damage for which I am still healing. As an artist, it frightens me that my right arm may be permanently damaged, I am not going to hold onto that thought though. Treatments have been done, and more will follow, but right now, rest is what it needs the most.

In March, the USPS shipping nightmares began with Covid, and have not gotten any better.

To support the growing demand, I have been searching high and low for a manufacturer, for the last two years. I have yet to find anyone in the United States that will make the product the way I make the product. I have yet to find anyone that doesn’t want to overshadow me, who doesn’t want to own my formulas, or who will work slow and progress at the pace of my business. I have yet to find anyone that will work with me on the products the way I wanted it delivered: organic, natural, sustainable, recyclable containers, American made, etc. It was always something, “organic is too expensive” or “that costs extra,” or “the minimum is 10,000 units per product,” or “the formula lab fees will be $10,000!”

As Covid progressed, supply issues began. I cannot get the oil bottle. It’s the perfect size and pump for hand sanitizer; so, my suppliers are all out of stock.

At this time, with my injuries and issues (supplies, shipping, manufacturing, etc.) I must press pause on creating QuickSilverHair Clay and Oil.

I’m not asking for your sympathy, I made my own choices. I’m not offering you any scapegoat, just the reality of the situation. I’ve kept making sure you are happy and satisfied. I’ve kept going, hoping it would all work out.

For once in my life, I felt like I was finally paving my own way. I felt like I was succeeding on my own terms, and making a difference for you. For me, that was really important. In the beginning of this business, my goal was to help you as silver sisters (or brothers) have an alternative to the mainstream solutions of just covering up our problems rather than fixing them.

My saving grace, I’m a retired military wife, we do our best to support our troops, and adapt to any environmental change that comes upon us. We learn what works, and toss what doesn’t. I feel my life as an Air Force wife prepared me for this moment…sometimes you have to press pause, deal with the NOW, and then keep going.

As this pause in manufacturing happens, I hope and wish and pray, you will stick with me and support my pivot. My passion has always been somewhere in the arts (writing, photography, fine art); so in the coming months, you will see more blogs, information, recipes and whatever I can provide to help you have your healthiest hair and best silvers possible. There will also be more designs for t-shirts and inspirational items to get you through your journey.

I’m BEYOND GRATEFUL for each of you, every order, and every moment of trust you have given me. I recognize every single one of you who have supported me, cheered me on, and supported QuickSilverHair.

I want to share my gratitude and love to you for all you have done for me in the last three years. You shared about the products, you bought more, and you made this woman gain self-confidence as a businesswoman. <That last one is invaluable. I hope you continue to find value in the information and inspiration I will continue to provide.

I am continuing to search for a manufacturer, please sign up for email if you haven’t already and I will announce it from the rooftops should I find that perfect match for my business.

Twenty-twenty has been painful for our entire world. For me, it has included layers of physical pain, emotional pain, and business pains. It’s a world we all have to decide what pains we let go of, what pains we endure, what pains we cure, and how we grow. I hope you are at peace. I hope you are all well. I hope you are shining your silver lining to the entire world…I do believe we will shine on.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Peace, Love, and Shine On,

image of Joli A. Campbell ~ QuickSilverHair ~ Gray Hair Blogger

Joli Campbell ~ QuickSilverHair ~ Gray Hair Blogger






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