In this post, I am simply going to share with you all my favorite tools, products, and resources to get through growing out your gray hair.

There are many ways to ditch the dye and all of them work. Of course, there are pros and cons to every decision. Which means you may need some help after you have decided what route you are going to take. Still on the fence or don’t know all the ways to get there check out my most popular post:

How Do You Transition from Dyed Hair to Your Natural Gray Hair

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Going Gray by Shaving Your Head:

The boldest and most fearless way to go gray is to shave your head. And you can do this at home with very little assistance.

Shaving Supplies:

Clippers: unless you plan on leaving your hair shaved you don’t need a really expensive set of clippers but don’t get the cheapy cheapy, they can leave your scalp irritated, you can get micro cuts, and they may pull the hair rather than cut it.

I own clippers for my husband and for grooming my dogs, so you can use them elsewhere once you start growing your hair back.

WAHL Clippers

My favorite set is made by WAHL, and comes with multiple combs for different lengths which could help you during the grow out into a pixie.

Most people will be surprised how dry their scalp is with no hair on it. Both of the QuickSilverHair Oils are perfect for scalp massage and as moisturizer.

Winter Preparedness:

Shaved and pixie cuts will leave you with a cold head. Beanies are perfect for this.

Something really cool you can do with your beanies when you are done with them is donate them to cancer patients. Washed, of course!

Cable Knit Beanie

Summer Protection:


You will need sunscreen for sure or a UV protective hat.

Keep the hat you will want it for your silvers to protect them from sun damage, and one of the deadliest forms of skin cancer is found on the scalp.

Sun Hat

Pixie Accessories and Products:

Pixies are so fun. The growing it out, if you don’t choose to keep it and rock it forever, can be challenging though. Some well utilized accessories and products will help.

MaryAnn usually wears a pixie style cut and shared some of her favorite products:

image of woman with pixie cut and red bandana
image of woman with pixie cut and white bandana

Cotton Bandanas

Cute for the pixie and covers the demarcation line.

AQUAGE Transforming Paste

Flexible Hold for all hair types.

SexyHair Control Maniac Styling Wax

Maximum Control great for the spiky look.

SexyHair Style Slept In Texture Creme

Best for finer hair to achieve texture.

Gray Hair Transition Accessories and Products:

Growing out your gray hair cold-turkey is the longer route, with less damage than bleaching or other color blending treatments, but it is not without need of some tender loving care.

If you went the overnight process at the salon to transition you will still need aftercare until you grow all your natural color in.

Once you stop dyeing your hair, you might notice changes in your scalp from dry to oily, oily to dry, itchy to not or vice versa. The scalp will go through a healing process much as a scar does as the skin and the follicles heal you will notice itching, pulling, sometimes soreness, dryness or oiliness, and a perk might be no more hair loss. You will want to make sure you shift your products from “color care” to what is right for your virgin texture and color.

What many people don’t realize while coloring is all the nutrients dye manufacturers put in the dye to help mask the chemical damage and make your hair feel its best after your dye job. You will want to do two things to maintain that balance of cleansing and hydrating that you were getting while dyeing your hair. Clarify and deep condition.

Clarifying will help with scalp issues, buildup, and keep your new silvers shiny and beautiful.

Deep conditioning will help you with the dyed hair that is remaining from getting dry, brittle, frizzy, and frazzled looking. Which will also help you reduce the anxiety of how it looks growing out, especially if you have mid-length to long hair.

During my grow out, one of my goals was to maintain healthy hair. I achieved that with the help of clarifying and deep conditioning at least every two weeks.


Malibu C Undo Goo Clarifying Shampoo

This clarifying shampoo is great for removing product buildup.
Get more suggestions in the post linked below.

Image and link to blog on clarifying your hair

Mielle Organics Deep Conditioner

This deep conditioner is great for regular use, leaving your hair feeling amazing.
Click below for more on deep conditioning tips and products.

Image andblog link on how to deep condition your hair

Supplies for the Transition from Dyed Hair To Your Natural Grey:

A couple of things will help you through the look of the transition and the emotions.

Hats, headbands, faux hair extension accessories, scarves, pretty hair accessories, will all help with the look.

Resources and Support:

When you are stressing too much, walk away from the mirror. Hop online head over to Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. Look for hairstyles you love and women that closely match what you think your gray will look like. This will help you keep the end in focus.

Have a sense of humor about it, own it, and have fun. People are going to say dumb things, and that’s on them. But you can embrace it with fun tee shirts, I created a line of tees and other gifts just for this reason. You can purchase them on Etsy, links below.

Check out my friend Katie’s blog, Katie Goes Platinum, she has a ton of resources, posts, transition stories, products, and even a salon directory.

Finally, some support will always help you at the worst points to keep going. Join us on the Silver Revolution Facebook group for some wonderful silver friends.

Got Silver? Hat

I designed this fun hat for silver sun protection, and to hide the demarcation line.

Silver Tees

I have designed a line of tees to inspire and help you embrace the process.

Custom Fit Headbands

Image of Joli in a hippie headband

Specifically Random custom headbands come in 3 sizes for the just right fit.
She has 100’s of hand-made headbands.

Messy Bun Scrunchy

Hide the demarcation line with a synthetic bun. They come in multiple colors, and hair textures.

What you will need for your new sparkling gray mane:

There will be few shifts in how you care for gray hair.

Avoid Yellowing:

First you want to avoid yellowing there are several causes and I have an entire post on that: Why Does Gray Hair Turn Yellow? ~ Causes & Solutions

Change your shampoo, conditioner, and styling products:

You may already have noticed the products you were using while dyeing your hair no longer work. You might be using products that were marked “color care” or “color safe” which usually means they have added ingredients to keep dyed hair stronger, healthier, and more conditioned. Your natural hair might now feel oily, your scalp might be itchy, these can be signals you need different products. In addition, if your old dye friendly products have a color to them you won’t want to use them on your white hair.

I started using SEEN brand products, created by a dermatologist, she has a full line of products including fragrance and fragrance free, curl creme and blow out creme (with heat protectant) all the products are designed to keep your skin, scalp and hair healthy. If you have hair loss, scalp conditions, acne (scalp, hairline, back, face) you definitely want to know about SEEN. You can read my full review here, and I really do love these products (there is a coupon at the end if you want to try anything): SEEN: Fragrance-Free Hair Products for Sensitive Skin and Noses


Silk, filters, tee towels, and QuickSilverHair…your hair’s new best friends:


Sleeping on a Silk pillowcase will help you wake up without what I loving refer to as Alpaca Hair.

Things to know: silk will cool you in heat and warm you in the cold. Satin, is often mis-marketed (especially on Amazon) as silk, the tip off is it is very cheap. Satin is made of polyester and will make your face and head hot because the poly doesn’t breathe. So if you have tried a silk pillowcase and hated it, you might have gotten a poly satin instead of real silk.

image of an alpaca


Wash your hair under a shower filter, if you have hard water, well water or city water loaded with chlorine, you want a shower filter to help reduce the mineral buildup that can cause yellowing.


Dry your hair with The Perfect Haircare microfiber towel (get the pink one, the black transfers dye) and tee shirt towels, these towels help reduce friction and pulling which in turn helps reduce breakage and frizz. They are also super absorbent so you reduce your drying time, which in turn means less heat damage.


Routine maintenance to reduce buildup, impurities, and discolorations with QuickSilverHair Products will help you keep your silvers soft, bright, and full of volume.


For over two years, I have tossed them in with my regular sheets, no issues but I do use gentle detergents.


Easy to install, and replace the filter regularly (every 3-6 months).


Avoid the black towel it transfers dye for a little while.

Purple Shampoo and other toning products:

I have a post on when you should start using purple shampoo, it will help you understand why it is not a necessity, but when to use it for yellowing you cannot remove.

Loma Beauty Violet Shampoo & Conditioner

I rarely use purple products simply because I am often allergic to the chemicals they are made with, I use my own products to combat discolorations.

However, I have discovered a new to me line of Organic Based Hair Care…and I am in LOVE!!! For a multitude of reasons.

These are the first violet shampoo and conditioner I have tried on my low porosity, fine, and dye resistant hair in six years that actually made a toning difference I could see, and I didn’t have a reaction of some kind to them.


Loma Purple Shampoo and Conditioner

No itchy scalp.

No synthetic fragrance, it is scented with natural essential oil blends which doesn’t bother me in the least.

They both contain a shampoo soluble silicone, and I have seen no issues, thus far, so I am not worried. The shampoo is sulfate-free but contains a chelating ingredient, which makes me think it might be helping remove mineral buildup as well as toning. The conditioner had me “ooing and awing” at the slip and softness of my hair.

Even my curls are happy!!! Bonus points!!!

I love these products so much, I became a brand ambassador (affiliate) for Loma Beauty. A full post of my favorite products will be coming up soon. Sign up for my emails to get the notification.

> Loma Violet Shampoo

> Loma Violet Conditioner


Wrapping it up:

This process can be totally overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. There may be a ton of information out there and products are being added to the market daily for the upward trend in women embracing their gray hair; however, you only need to make a few changes and get a handful of things to help your silvers look their best.

I wrote this post to help you find resources, tools, products, inspiration, and community. I hope you found it helpful.


Image of Joli Campbell author photoI hope you found this post educational and helpful.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share.

As always it is about so much more than the hair.

signature: Shine On, Joli Campbell





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