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I have been searching for the perfect hair dryer to recommend for our delicate silver hair since 2017.

I have six main criteria for a perfect dryer:

  1. Well-made.
  2. Proper attachments for curly or straight hair.
  3. Good temperature controls with max temp of 250°F to be safer for gray hair.
  4. Gentle blower settings, that reduce mechanical damage.
  5. Affordable.
  6. Bonus points if it was lightweight.

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At this point, I have tested out several heat tools some I haven’t even bothered to tell you about as they weren’t anything noteworthy.

Many of you have emailed me and messaged me about this dryer. So I decided to get it and give it a good honest review. In this post, I am sharing all the specs, the pros and cons, and if it gets my stamp of approval for silver-hair safe.

You can also see my review here on YouTube, and check out the dryer sound and settings.

Let’s take a look at the Laifen Swift Dryer:

I purchased the Laifen Swift dryer with the smooth nozzle and I ordered the diffuser separately, at the time they didn’t have the dryer I wanted with the diffuser. I don’t recommend doing this as the diffuser shipped separately from China and arrived a couple of weeks after the dryer.

It is pronounced Ly-Fin, if you were curious.

I paid $169.00 for everything with a coupon and it was on sale.

Laifen Swift and Attachments

Speed and Heat Settings for the Laifen Swift

  • 2 speeds, medium and high
  • 4 heat settings:
    • Low which is room temperature
    • Medium they say 120°F on the site but with my infrared thermometer top reading was 168°F
    • High they say it gets to 176°F my reading topped out at 250°F
    • Auto-cycle vacillates between room temperature, medium, and high (ish)


Laifen Swift Tech Specs:

  • 5’ 9” long cord
  • Weighs less than one pound
  • Brushless motor like the Dyson
  • Very quiet 59 decibels on full speed (according to Laifen)
    • It has noise reduction tech but high speed for quicker dry time
  • 3 Magnetic attachments (depending on which set you buy)
  • Temperature monitoring 100 times per second
  • Negative Ion technology boosts the shine, smoothness, and overall health of your hair to reduce frizz and dryness
  • Ultra-fast dry times (great for silver hair the less time you spend with heat the better)


The Laifen Diffuser Attachment:

The inside has a metal plate that helps diffuse the warmth and the air flow evenly, which I think works very well.

I am not usually a fan of this type of diffuser as it is normally designed for hover diffusing. I am quickly figuring it out though, and now that I have diffused with a diffuser with this inner metal plate I can see the advantages.

The Black Orchid Diffuser

  • The Black Orchid can be fit to the smoothing nozzle with a Snozzle Pro, but it does tend to fall off once it heats up.
  • Also the Black Orchid is hollow which makes me think it doesn’t help any with dry time.

I missed the bowl so much though I decided to try drying my hair with the hammock diffusing technique created by Wavy Curly Ali.

This morphed into something else, plopping into a large bowl and aiming the dryer into the bowl. I used the stand to hold the dryer to make it easier.

I go over more of this in the video.

Laifen Swift Cons:

  • Short cord
    • Laifen if you are reading this it is just too short.
    • Nice for travel, but not great for tall people or stylists.
  • No low speed.
  • No cool shot button but low is room temperature.
  • And the diffuser…I’d love the same tech with a bowl style diffuser like the Black Orchid.


Laifen Swift Pros:

  • I like the magnetic attachments.
  • The air filter doesn’t grab hair.
  • The coolest feature and where I fell in love is the vacillating heat setting…I dry my hair with cool shot and low-med heat, so this is perfect I just turn it on and forget the settings.
  • Dry time is great at around 15 minutes, compared to my normal 20 to 30 minutes of diffusing.
  • Small and lightweight: Weighs less than a pound, great for those of us with issues in our wrists, hands, and shoulders.


The price is great too!

  • Lower than the Dyson which runs between $400 and $500
  • Slightly less than the Shark at $179 depending on which set you get.
    Overall I think it is safer for silver hair. (Check out the review on Shark tools in my 2021-2022 heat tools post.)



So does it get my Silver-Safe stamp of approval???

Yes, it does!!! Absolutely!!

  1. Well-made = 5 STARS
  2. Proper attachments for curly or straight hair = 4 STARS, the diffuser could be larger and more bowl like.
  3. Good temperature controls = 4 STARS, a cool shot button would still be nice.
  4. Gentle blower settings = 5 STARS
  5. Affordable = 4 STARS, it isn’t the least expensive but moderately priced especially for the tech.
  6. Bonus points if it was lightweight = 5 STARS


I loved it enough to become an affiliate:

You get $10 off with code: JOLILF

When you order directly from Laifen:

Or you can order directly from Amazon.

Photo of Joli Campbell


I hope you found this post educational and helpful.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share.

As always it is about so much more than the hair.








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