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Handmade With Love

Handmade Products are Important to the global economy.

When I make QuickSilverHair products, I turn on music that I love, I dance, I sing and genuinely believe those are elements that are infused into the products.

By buying handmade products you support local, small businesses, that often are the only source of income for the person making the items.

Handmade items are often made by:QuickSilverHair Handmade With Love

  • Vets
  • Military Spouses (that’s me)
  • People who are differently abled
  • Womenpreneurs (that’s me)
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Stay-at-home Moms and Dads
  • The Elderly

I buy handmade items and make many handmade items as well.  I put a great deal of care and thought into my formulation so that it is of the utmost benefit to you.

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