Gray Hairstyles for Transitioning Hair

If you have gray hair you know there are days when you must put it up. Whether you are hiding a bad hair day in a clever bun or needing a day to evening updo that is comfortable and pretty. Even if it doesn’t bother you, the demarcation line might drive you crazy some days. We all need ideas sometimes so I put this post together.

These styles also help hide the demarcation line while you grow out your gray hair. If you are doing the cold-turkey grow-out, you are sure to find some great styles to help you achieve a little concealment when you need it.

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French and Dutch Braids

Red & Silver Dutch Braid

Black & Silver French Braid

Red & Silver French Braid

French or Dutch Braids were my favorite way to fix my hair while growing out the red dye.

I learned how to French or Dutch Braid my hair when I was in high school marching band because my hair was nearly to my hips at one point and they kept my hair out of my way during performances.

If you don’t know how to French Braid, it really is very simple, and Chloe does an excellent job in this tutorial.

Note: the difference in braiding a French Braid vs a Dutch Braid is a French Braid is weaving over and a Dutch Braid is weaving under.  Chloe touches on this difference in the video.

Braid Variations

Double Silver Braids

Multicolor French Braid

Red & Silver Double Dutch Braids

Side View Silver & Red Dutch Braid

French Braid & High Pony Tail

Black & Silver French Braid into High Pony Tail

Clipped Back

Twisting & Clipping Curly Hair

Twisting & Clipping Curly Hair

Twisting & Clipping Straight Hair

Twisting & Clipping

A relatively quick and easy updo and great for hiding the demarcation line during your transition to gray hair.

Section the front into pieces, twist them back, clip using mini clips and either put the hair into a bun, a pineapple, or a ponytail.

A Bun Dance

Buns are probably the easiest updo. They have several variations and playing with them keeps them from being anything but boring.

The Knotty Bun

To make a knotty bun make a ponytail where you want your bun to sit on your head – high, midway or low will achieve different looks. Take the ponytail into three sections as if you were going to braid it. Leave the middle section until last. Twist each section separately until it curls in on the ponytail, next wrap the twist around the ponytail holder, and then bobbie pin the end into the ponytail. Repeat the twist and wrap for each section, wrapping and securing the middle section around last. Spray with a little hair spray or spray gel to hold in place.

Half-twisted Bun

The half-twisted bun is also very simple. Section the top layer of your hair off into a clip. Pick up the bottom half of your hair and smooth into a midway ponytail. Undo the clip, smooth the top layer, and twist it until you get a long ropy twist. Twist that around the ponytail and secure into ponytail with a bobbie pin. Next, grab the first ponytail, twist it until it begins to curl around the bun, continue to wrap it around the bun, and then secure with a bobbie pin.  I like leaving the ends loose just for a little added detail. Spray with a little hair spray or spray gel and you are all done.

Bun with Bun Maker

Follow the instructions for the bun makers on the package. The Donut Bun Maker is great for mid length hair, and comes in multiple sizes for hair density and size of desired bun. You can also add the Gray Messy Hair Scrunchie Hair Piece around the bun to add dimension and/or conceal the demarcation line. The Magic Hair Bun Maker is great for longer hair. It comes in multiple sizes for length and density. For all my ponytail holders I use metal-free nylon ponytail holders, they reduce pulling, breakage, and tangling. You can also get scrunchie bun covers made to match your grays creating beautiful messy buns.

The Pouf

This is another easy and effective way to highlight your silvers and hide the demarcation line. It works really well if your bangs are long or you have no bangs with all one length hair.

Take the section of hair that would be your bangs, about at each temple, smooth the hair back, twist it just once, push it forwards slightly to create the bump or pouf and clip the twist.

The Red & Silver Pouf

The Black & Silver Pouf

The Black & Silver Pouf With a Bandana

The Headband or Bandana

You can completely cover the line with a headband or bandana.

The Hippie Band

This is me in a headband with a messy bun.

The Wrap Headband

A great scarf can be used in so many ways. Adds color, character and dimension.

The Victory Roll with Red Bandana

If you feel really funky and bold go with a rockabilly look try victory rolls and a red bandana or even a polka dot scarf. This is one of MaryAnn’s favorites.

The Victory Roll

Check out Natalie’s YouTube tutorial for six different ways to roll victory rolls.

The French Twists, Side Ponytail and Pigtails

I love large jaw clips for a faux French Twist, a side pony is awesome for hot days, and pigtails can be worn at any age. Trust me.

Silver Hair Accessories Shop

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Author Joli Campbell with long silver wavy-curly hair.


I hope you found this post educational and helpful.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share.

As always it is about so much more than the hair.

signature: Shine On, Joli Campbell








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