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Hello Silvers,

I hope this finds you well and healthy. I am doing fine. I am a natural homebody, already work from home, and don’t mind staying home and catching up on all the things. is still open for business as usual! I know many of you are at home and are turning to your self-care to make yourself feel better and relax a little. I wanted to send you this note to let you know I am still packing orders and getting them out the door.

I want to assure you I am taking, as many protective measures as I can to make sure the contents of your package are clean and sanitized. I am preparing my work surface with sanitizer before filling orders. In addition, I am cleaning my hands regularly to assure the best possible level of cleanliness and safety.

Because I am also self-isolating, I have decreased my shipping days so that I am not out and about for little to no reason. My mail carrier has graciously been stopping at the house when she can and allowing me to give her all the outgoing packages I have at that time. Given these circumstances, please understand shipping may take a little longer than usual.

I’m honored that you are choosing to continue to shop with me in these uncertain times.

While isolation is important for all of us to make it through this world crisis, it can be difficult and stressful. I encourage you to be kind to yourself. GO outside soak up the sun, take a walk, and breathe the fresh air. Take a drive to that spot you love and read a book. Turn away from the news frequently; it will still be there when you get back. Below you will find some words that I have found most encouraging during this time. I hope you find encouragement from them as well.  

We are absolutely being reminded, that as a planet right now, we are all in this together.

May you stay well, may you find calm in the chaos, and may all your needs be met.
Many Silvery Blessings,

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