Once upon a time, I started looking for women in their 30’s who had stopped dyeing their hair. I wasn’t ready yet, but I wanted to know if there were women like me out there. I searched online, and I found How Bourgeois. Lauren is gorgeous, and sweet, and I’ve been a fan since way back then, when she was just starting her journey.

A few months ago, I reached out to her to ask permission to include her in a blog post. We found out we had both been following each other through our lovely Silver Hair communities online.

When Lauren and her Image of products and logo from By the Way Companyhusband Jon launched By The Way, Your Hair Looks Fabulous™ I reached out to her again and we decided to do something super cool…we did a product swap. I sent her a QuickSilverHair Kit and Lauren sent me a lovely selection from her new line. I not only wanted to try all the products as a self-professed product junkie; I also wanted to see if her conditioner would mix well with my Clay.

Stay tuned to the end, we are doing a promo swap for Valentine’s Day showing each other the love.

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Here is what Lauren sent me:

The Clarifying Shampoo 16 ounces

The Daily Moisturizing Conditioner 16 ounces

The Life Changing Leave-In Conditioner 8 ounces

The Silicone-Free Styling Cream  4 ounces

First Impressions:

First, I opened everything for a smell check. I am very particular about scents. I was very pleased, it all smells great!! Very light and did not bother my fragrance allergy. Bonus points, all the products smell the same. No multiple layers of different smells going on, which is awesome!! The fragrance is light, warm, and airy, with hints of vanilla and sandalwood.

Best of all the ingredients: No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Sulfates, No Silicones, No Animal Testing, No Synthetic Fillers, Curly Girly Friendly, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, and some of the products are even Vegan. Take my word for it; good stuff goes in these bottles. Lauren and Jon went through an exhaustive search to bring you what they felt was the best for your silver hair. Even more bonus points; you don’t have to have silver hair anyone can use them man, woman, or child, color treated hair, or your natural color.

How did By The Way Company products work?

The first wash with BTW products, I tried everything and used my modification of the Curly Girl Method. I washed my hair with BTW Clarifying Shampoo. I applied and left the Daily Moisturizing Conditioner on for detangling for the remainder of my shower. I rinsed in cool water and added the Life Changing Leave-In, “plopped” in my favorite The Perfect Haircare microfiber towel (get the pink one, the black transfers dye), and followed up by adding gel a few minutes after getting out of the shower. When my hair was almost dry I put a dab of Silicone-Free Styling Cream in to tame the sprouts on top of my head.


This was the look that day and I was super impressed. My hair felt so very soft. Although, it was a bit weighed down because I used all the products, which Lauren warned me about, but a girl’s gotta try it all, right?!

Was the Life Changing Leave-In really Life Changing?

I am going to stop right here and tell you, when I saw the name on Lauren’s Leave-In, I did a double take.

I thought to myself, “That is a BOLD CLAIM LAUREN! BOLD! Life Changing Leave-In…we shall see about that! Challenge accepted!”

I have tried my fair share of leave-ins, I have returned my fair share, and I have never found one that I would buy again and again. This one is going in my curly girl method first-aid kit. At the time of writing this post, I have already used half a bottle and requested that Lauren make a gallon size. Seriously, it is THAT good! It truly is LIFE CHANGING, if you try nothing else from The By The Way Company try the Leave-In. I have ordered more and doubled up this time because I actually ran out, which is something I have rarely ever done with a Leave-In.

The Silicone-Free Style Cream is amazing. Completely stops the frizz from silver sprouts. Just a dab goes a long way. If you have dry or coarse hair or lots of those silver sprouts on top of your head; this is for you. I even tried it with a drop of QuickSilverHair Squalane Oil and it was fantastic. I have also been experimenting with using it instead of gel, results have varied, but I’ll let you know in a future Curly Girl post.

On day two after washday, I wore it in a bun and let it down for bun waves, my hair felt so soft and silky.

The next washday, I mixed it up a bit just to see how the products blended with my other products.

Continued Success:

  • I had some pretty and well-formed curls.
  • Hair was, again very soft.
  • I really do love the Life Changing Leave-In.
  • The Style Cream really does take care of the sprouts and frizz…so good.

By The Way:

I have been using everything in various ways in various combinations and so far I haven’t been disappointed. I even used the Daily Conditioner as a cowash, several times. I really like it and I’m not a fan of cowashing.

Mix It Up:

Part of my agreement with Lauren was to try the products with my QuickSilverHair Clay. So on my normal clay day, which is about once a month, I mixed:

  • 3 tbls. of clay
  • 3 tbls. of BTW Daily Conditioner
  • 3-4 pumps of QSH oil.

I whipped this into that lovely frosting texture.

I clarified with the BTW Clarifying Shampoo and then applied the clay mask. I left the mask on for almost an hour, worked out, and made lunch so it was on a bit longer than I normally would have left my mask on. I rinsed thoroughly, decided to Co-wash and detangle with the Daily Conditioner followed by a cool rinse and generous application of the Life Changing Leave-In and tried Curls in a Bottle! gel from Curl Junkie, just for the fun of it.

These were my results:

I normally use my Acure Clarifying mix, which often leaves me with wavier hair afterwards. The clay tends to soften my hair so much the curl falls out…but it looked really nice this day. I was very pleased with the results of mixing the clay with the Daily Conditioner. It mixed really well, and gave me the shine and brightening I expect from my normal process…plus the BONUS curls.


This Curly Girl…Approved!



Life Changing Leave-In…

(Click here for more QuickSilverHair Approved products.)

Here’s the Deal:

You can purchase Lauren’s products from the website directly at TheBTWCo.com or, if you are an Amazon Prime Member you get free two day shipping on their The BTW Co. Store on Amazon.

♥So Happy Together♥

Lauren and I really enjoyed the process and we hope you do too. To read Lauren’s review of QuickSilverHair products you can read it on her blog.

Author Joli Campbell with long silver wavy-curly hair.


I hope you found this post educational and helpful.

Thank you for reading. Please feel free to share.

As always it is about so much more than the hair.

signature: Shine On, Joli Campbell





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